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"Montse is a very talented voice actor who has a T-E-R-R-I-F-I-C range"
Clara Campos – Writer- Children’s Stories
"Professional. Responsive. Talented! Thank you Montse."
Chris Fernández – Storyteller – NY
  "Montse has a range of credible characters that make her a very useful and adaptable actress in a lot of different situations. She works fast and delivers voice over audio very quickly and to a professional level. I would recommend Montse’s voice over services to any of my clients with complete confidence. "
Quim Arumi- Postproduction & Dubs Manager – AMC Networks International, Barcelona
“She is the rare person who can sell the idea that acting is art. She’s not a performer. She is an artist, and that is a very different thing.”
Sandra Martín- Life Trainer and Voice Coach – London, UK
I was deeply impressed with Montse's range and ability, her professionalism, intelligence, and commitment to the project. And we love her voice!”
Kellan Lynch- Producer – Monaghan, Ireland
"Wonderfully efficient and professional."
Paco Vazquez- Owner “Vector Animado” – Madrid – Spain
"Montse is easy to work with, undertands the needs of her clients and delivers on time. She is the right and  creative talent."
Joan Font Nolla- Director “Media Consulting” – Barcelona
"I hugly recommend the services of Montse Bru as a voice actor, she is a true professional. She provides exactly what your client needs, and in a timely fashion. Totally recommend her."
Josep Morató- Director “Produeix Feeling” – Girona
“I have had the pleasure of working with Montse on numerous different recording projects. She is not only an excellent and versatile voice actor, but is meticulous in the recording process and delivers crystal clear audio to her many clients. She is a wonderful person and she has a great sense of humor and an intense passion for her work.”
Aisling Wilson- Voice Over Artist, Singer – London, UK
"Montse was fast, efficient, and her voice was perfect for every project. It's a pleasure to work with her. She is responsible, prompt and she always knows what we need."
Manel Catalan- Director “Cristalmedia” – Barcelona
"She has a great voice and knows how to use it, she injects enthusiasm and energy into her reads as well as warmth and pathos. Montse is extremely intelligent and a great professionalI expect us to be working with her a lot more in the future.”
Tom McMillan- Producer “Alfa Video” – NYC – USA
"A great female voice over artist. Very pleased with her work and would not hesitate to recommend."
Fran Cañas “Nach Scratch” Manager, Madrid – Spain
"Montse has worked for “Teuve”  for many years. She  is an excellent professional, great voice, intelligent person and nice attitude. Quick and responsive. Very pleasant to work with."
Enric Garcia- Owner “Anima Sound Lab” – Barcelona
"Montse has exceeded our expectations.Her turnaround time is incredible and she really shares a deep passion for her work.It has been a pleasure working with Montse. I personally will recommend Montse's voice over services to anyone looking for a true professional who delivers a phenomenal voice over service."
Jacob Tandler- Project Manager “Audio Visual Services” – Boston – USA
"Montse Bru has all the things  that exemplify a fantastic voice actos. She has worked for me on numerous projects. She is a funny professional and intelligent performer."
David Anderson- Production Manager “VideoSpot” – Berlin, Germany
"Excellent work and fast  response.”
Sergi Carles- Director “Todo Jingles”- Terrassa,
“Montse is a funny girl of wonderful character with immense charm, charisma and passion. She has a natural talent. She is a rock star in the voice-over industry, as well an amazing promotions person. Hard-working, intelligent, professional, confident, trustworthy and always smiling. “
Éanna McLoughlin- Director, Producer – Dublin, Ireland
"Montse is extremely professional and his sound recordings are of the highest quality. She is a versatile and intelligent artist who brings a touch of class to every project."
Ángel Salvat- Director “SoloTeatro” – Madrid, Spain
"She is astonishingly nice and very talented. She works so hard and she's very methodical. Montse has a spectacular spectrum of voices that fit my needs perfectly. She really knows how to make a script come ALIVE. She is very sweet and charismatic instantly. Montse is an independent professional, funny, humble and upbeat artist. We'll be coming back for more... ”
Rick Morgan- Creative Director, “NCB Productions”- NY, USA
"Montse has been one of the most pleasurable and professional talents I have had the pleasure to work with. Her versatility within her characters voices has made my job much easier. She has a captivating and beautiful voice and we have mainly used her as the female artist. She is a strong intelligent and authentic person.”
Sean McKenna- Director – Belfast, Northern Ireland






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