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“I like my work to help tell a story and describe characters”

His talent has led him to work with directors such as Tom Ford, Juan Antonio Bayona, Alejandro Amenábar and Rodrigo Cortés, while performers and actors such as Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Ryan Reynolds, Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Iggy Pop y Lady Gaga have passed before his camera. Eduard Grau knows how to win the viewer over. All his visual works have a meaning, from the type of shot to the ambient colours used. He delivers a unique and often impactful imaginary, and does so with courage, passion and simplicity. His versatility is reflected in the amount of advertisements, music videos, short films, documentaries and films that he has made. His most successful works include: “A single man”, “Buried”,  “The Gift” and “Suffragette”, but not forgetting other equally enthralling projects such as “La ruta natural” ,“Finisterrae” and  “Animals”. Eduard Grau lives and breathes his profession with boundless intensity and boasts one of the most seductive and boldest approaches in the film industry.
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Executive Director Greenpeace International

 “There comes a time when all that really matters is humanity and solidarity”

Bunny McDiarmid is an activist with more than 30 years’ experience leading national and international campaigns.  Her words offers several valuable insights for living a life of true significance. She has a lot to teach us. Her life as an environmental activist began in earnest with her joining the crew of the anti-nuclear protest ship The Fri in the early 1980s. She later crewed on the Rainbow Warrior – bombed by the French  secret service in Auckland in July 1985. Her love for the Pacific motivated Bunny to help establish the Greenpeace Pacific campaign in 1987, leading regional teams on nuclear, oceans, forests and climate campaigns. She returned to Greenpeace in 2000, working in a variety of campaign leadership roles including the international nuclear campaign and the international deep-sea bottom trawling campaign, before taking the job of Executive Director in Greenpeace NZ/Aotearoa in 2006. She remained in this post until October 2015. Bunny McDiarmid, together with Jennifer Morgan, became Executive Director of Greenpeace International on 2016.
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Director and Writer

“I think women film-makers are going from strength to strength”

Whether  personally  or professionally, she has great goals and desires. Lindy Heymann is a multifaceted person with a flexible  and enthusiastic attitude  towards any challenge  or task. She knows that with the right amount of inspiration and motivation anything is possible and is willing to do what it takes to make her dreams a reality. Lindy won ‘Best Directorial Debut’ at the British Independent Film Awards with her first feature, which was “Showboy” and in 2008 she completed her second feature “Kicks”. Premiering at Edinburgh it was nominated for the Michael Powell award, where it won two Trailblazer awards. Her television credits include “Hush!”, “Service”, “The Real Fawlty Towers” and “ 3 Hours in High Heel Heaven”. She has also directed over one hundred music videos and has worked with artists and bands as diverse as Paul McCartney, John Lydon, Sinead O’Connor, David Gray, The Charlatans, Suede, Leftfield, Terry Hall and Faithless. Lindy Heymann directed Suede’s video for the single “Attitude” starring the veteran British actor John Hurt.
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“There’s always a way to find honesty in a picture”

Rankin is an icon in the world of contemporary photography, He is much more than a fashion and portrait photographer. He is more than a man with an eye for highlighting a new concept from an advertising photo. He is, essentially, an explorer of faces and scenes, capable of conveying a story so as to show what lies under the skin of the world. Rankin’s portfolio is one of the most impressive you’ll ever see. In his career he has photographed the portraits of so many legends from music, fashion, film, television, politicians and artists such as Kate Moss, Spice Girls, Lily Allen, Britney Spears, Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, Queen Elizabeth II, The Rolling  Stones, Madonna, Juliette Binoche, Björ, Heidi Klum and more. In addition to his great work profile, Rankin and has done campaigns for well-known brands and he has shot covers for Elle, German Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Esquire, GQ, Rolling Stone and Wonderland. He’s also made a name for himself in publishing by launching groundbreaking magazines Dazed & ConfusedAnOtherAnOther Man, and, most recently, Hunger, in 2011.

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International Chef

“Nature is the main source of my inspiration”

Passionate about her profession and her family, entrepreneurial, creative, self-taught, tenacious, optimistic and positive.  This is how one of the most innovative chefs in the world and the first Catalan chef with seven Michelin stars describes herself. Her passion for the flavors and recipes of Catalonia have placed her among the best haute cuisine chefs, a space hitherto strictly reserved for men only.  Winner of the National Gastronomy Prize in 1998 and the Creu Sant Jordi in 2004, among other awards, Carme Ruscalleda has been named Ambassador of “Catalunya Regió Europea de la Gastronomia 2016″ an initiative that promotes Catalan products and cuisine as essential elements of Catalan identity and as being vital in tourism promotion. 
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Production Designer and Director

“I always try to look for something authentic whatever I am doing”

Charles Garrad is a person who thinks about and understands the world through images, colours, shapes and sensations. He observes and analyses reality in a unique way, seeking out a different meaning and creating a parallel dimension of unconventional beauty. He creates the visual design of the world of the film. His works include “The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain” (1995), “The Serpent’s Kiss” (1997) and “Second Sight” (1999) and he’s about to make his directorial début with the film “Waiting for You”. He is an artist who knows how to captivate every single observer of his work, a creator with a magnetic authenticity.

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“Keep the balance between life and chasing your dreams”

Matthew Raymond has appeared in numerous stage productions, including performances at Shakespeare’s Globe which were filmed for nation wide cinema release and aired on Sky Arts. Most recently Matthew appeared in the BBC’s War & Peace directed by Tom Harper. He also produced and played a title role in the short film Stu (Stuart) & Ollie, which has recently received a nomination for Best Comedy at the London Short Film Festival 2016. Matthew lives with intensity on and off the stage, and he appreciates the grandeur of the smallest things.

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Actor, Director and Writer

“I still do not believe I have any talent, only stubbornness and commitment”

Olwen Fouéré is an actor, writer and theatre artist. She has worked with most major theatre companies in Ireland and in the United Kingdom, playing leading roles in numerous productions at the Abbey Theatre and at the Gate Theatre in Dublin, with the Royal National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company in the UK and in the West End. She has received numerous awards and nominations including Irish Times/ESB Best Actress (2011, 2006, 2000 and 1999), Dublin Theatre Festival Best Actor 2003, and the Dublin Theatre Festival Samuel Beckett Award in 1998. In 2014 she received the prestigious Herald Archangel award of the Edinburgh Festivals, the Irish Times Special Tribute Award for outstanding achievement and contribution to Irish Theatre, and The Stage Award for Acting Excellence.
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Screenwriter and TV Producer

“All my characters are a mixture of me, the people around me, my friends and family”

Ashley Pharoah is one of the rare screenwriters who write genuinely great as well as he exemplifies something I’ve seen again and again: a career is shaped by talent, luck and very hard work. Ashley has a fantastic track record in UK TV drama. He co-created and wrote the hit BBC sci-fi series “Life On Mars”, which was remade for ABC, starring Harvey Keitel, and “Ashes To Ashes”, as well as family drama “Wild At Heart”. He has won two International Emmys for “Life on Mars” in recognition of his excellent work.

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Composer, Arranger & Producer

“There’s no other choice than freedom for me”

Cristóbal Tapia de Veer is a film and television score composer, arranger, producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Montreal. The innovation, quality and creativity of his work are unquestionable and his musical compositions prompt and allow the viewer to discover hidden feelings and emotions of the narrative universe of television series. His career has been intense, and his musical propositions are risky and courageous, focussing on a constant quest for new eclectic sounds and new techniques. He is best known for his work scoring on the British TV series “Utopia” and his latest score can be heard on AMC’s / C4’s co-production “Humans”, which has become the most-watched drama in the history of Channel 4.
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Actress, Teacher, Producer
and President of Foundation  First Team.

“I don’t understand this profession without the daily challenge“

Actress in 20 countries, 103 movies, 38 series, 20 international awards. She has worked with directors including  Almodóvar, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Carlos Saura, Bigas Luna and Pedro Masó. Her undeniable acting talent has led her to participate in more than 20 European productions sharing the cast with actors of the calibre of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Antonio Banderas, Max Von Sydow, Ray Winstone, Mickey Rourke and Giuliano Gemma, among others. Her performances have been hailed in popular British TV series such as “Sharpe”  and “Henry VIII” for the BBC. 

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“I really love my photography it’s a passion which I hope come across in my photographs.”

Ronan McLaughlin is synonym of artistic talent. His photographic work causes immediate fascination and drives you straight to another Universe, a beautiful and unlimited dimension where landscape, flora, fauna and Irish starry nights are the protagonist. His photographs have been featured in Birdwatch, Wings and Birding World magazines, Dutch Birding to name few.

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Theatre Director, Actress & Teacher

Theatre forces you to reinvent yourself and your work every day, to try new things

Director, producer, actress, teacher. Montserrat Gili  has developed all this facets throughout her fascinating professional steps in the theatrical world. Montse moved to London to study at the Physical Theatre School Phillippe Gaulier, where she was trained with members of Complicite Theatre and other professionals such John Wright, recognized awarded director and theatre professor.


Voice Actor

Voice Overs are my passion, I will always give 100% to every project I work on

He has been awarded with several prizes in recognition of his work as a Voice Actor. He has worked for Marvel Comics, History Channel, Amazon, Ford and S2 Games. We talked with Jay Britton, an English voice actor, with an outstanding professional career within the audio-visual sector. Jay is a passionate person and his voice is versatile and adaptable for any project. He performs hundreds of character voices as well as being able to perform over 20 different accents.


Voice Over, Marketer & Musician

“You have to be yourself”

Manuel Naranjo is an Excellent Professional Voice Over. He records documentary, narrations, commercials, promotions and tv spots for a broad range of Spanish, German and Swiss companies that rely on his experience for audiovisual media. Thanks to his talent as musician and singer, Manuel was chosen in 2013 to participate in the Switzerland TV show “The Voice”. We talk about his work and his thoughts about the industry.

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International Personal Mentor

“Manage your Energy, not your Time”

Mark Sephton is an International personal mentor to entrepreneurs located in Coventry and Warwickshire, he has numerous customers, both national and internationally. Mark is someone who serves as an example, an advisor, a sounding board and ultimately a friend. He has recently launched his first publication “Inside Job” an amazing and inspiring  book written by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs.

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Author & Founder of Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing is a Marathon, not a Sprint

He is an entrepreneur, a coach, a prolific speaker and an author. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Content Marketing and the founder of the “Content Marketing Institute”, and “Content Marketing World”, the largest content marketing event in the world which is hosted annually in Cleveland, Ohio. Joe is also author and co-author of  “Get Content Get Customers”, recognized as the handbook for content marketing, as well as “Managing Content Marketing”, and “Content Inc.”.  His most recent book, “Epic Content Marketing”, was named one of “Five Must Read Business Books of 2013” by Fortune Magazine.  Among his many awards, Joe was voted “Custom Media Innovator of the Year” by American Business Media and Who’s Who in Media Business by BtoB Magazine. Pulizzi calls himself a “Content Marketing Evangelist”.

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Social Media Consultant

“My life is my message”

She is a smart, sensitive and an approachable woman. She is passionate about her work and has great empathy  with others. She is both daring and genuine in her personal and professional life and she shows it every day on her social profiles to her large number of followers. With strong communication skills, her followers and the brands trust in what she says, because they perceive her transparency, honesty and humanity. Marji J. Sherman is a globally known social media strategist that has been featured in The Growth Factor, Inc. Magazine, Jay Baer’s Social Pros podcast, and other publications. She extends her passion for brand/consumer engagement on social media platforms to her blog. She is currently the social media strategist for the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. We talked to her about her personal and family life as well as her thoughts on the world of social media and digital marketing.

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